The interventions were based on a local myth, called the “Pestol Goggl”, a spirit of the forest, that made some bodies and coffins disappear…

The sagas of the Pestol Goggl were at the head of our trail; we had to try to decode them and transpose them into a present-day context.
Through sculptural and musical operas, the woods and meadows were populated with ghosts created for the occasion, phantoms which hovered between the uncanny and the bizarre, the ironic and the earnest, in an attempt to burst the boundaries of space and time.

A parallel world: hidden and visible, ebbing and flowing – in search of the hidden frequencies and the multi-faceted sound spectrum of our times.

Guided Walk with Sculptural and Sonic Interventions
by Stephanie Quirola, Rosi Rehformen, Paul Gründorfer, Caroline Profanter in Kastelruth – Castelrotto (I)