The performative installation Visions of the future past or when dimensions collide
divided the architectural space of Flora ars + natura into imaginary islands that sought to question the future of being together (togetherness), the speed of movement, gravity and human perspective. At the same time, it invited the public to share fermented foods and drinks.

A group of bodies speculated on what a synthesis of social interaction, synchronicity and ways of being together in the year 3030 would be like, in the face of the inability to leave behind images and concepts of the past.

Using a constantly mutating score that reacted to time and visitors, a temporary community of five researchers was created. As a starting point: a choreographic score that set different thematic axes for the performers every hour: an examination of symbiotic relationships and our environment, of memory and nostalgia, of membranes and surfaces.

Visions of the future past or when dimensions collide was a ten-hour performative installation that maintained a synchronicity of several spaces simultaneously.

Researchers: Romany Dear, Juana Delmar, Alejandro Penagos Díaz, Camilo Acosta, Stephanie Quirola