Performative installation with sandhya daemgen at vereniging werkgebouw het veem, amsterdam

Please feel free to enter into “this is not the omega.” A landscape that questions our current present and imagines a way out of our post-normal future. We are not at the end, but rather have come to a crossroads. An ever-shifting terrain. A territory with inhabitants, its borders open for some, but not for all to enter into or leave from. A landscape which constantly shifts and transforms to adjust to the political-economic climate of the times. In order to stay afloat a choice must be made: do you fight against these external changes, against each other or yourself? It can be precarious within its borders but it is nevertheless possible (and encouraged) to seek out comfort while visiting. A place where all can find rest and–despite its foreignness–make it their own. A time where we slowly accept and connect to the unknown, the intangible and the transcendent.